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Avola in canadaThere are many small communities along the route to Kamloops…Blue River, Avola, Vanvenby Clearwater, Little Fort, and Barriere. Unfortunately, time did not allow any exploration of these areas …..but here’s a bit of background on them:
Blue River is a divisional point on the Canadian National Railway, nestled at the edges of the Blue and North Thompson rivers and surrounded by towering snow capped peaks. Blue River gets its name from the deep soft blue of the distant hills and was formerly known as “Big Town”.

Avola was originally known as “Stillwater Flats” and was changed to Avola by J. McLellan who had pleasant memories of this Sicilian town. Avola, British Columbia, Canada
Dining Accommodations Businesses Organizations
The community of Avola is located 40 km south of Blue River. The community is almost entirely dependent on the forestry industry with Weyerhaeuser and Slocan lumber mills being the major employers.
Businesses in Avola include a restaurant and gas station, motel and pub. Home based businesses consist of logging and trucking companies. The home based businesses deal almost exclusively with Weyerhaeuser and Slocan.

Ancora un po’ di storia…….sempre in lingua inglese:

Avola, Blue River & Area

Visit a little bit of hell on earth…
Located just 20 minutes south of Blue River, about mid-way to Avola, is the Little Hells Gate picnic site.
This picnic site is a great place to pull over, stretch those legs and take in the view of the rapids in the North Thompson which give rise to the ‘Hells Gate’ moniker.
A perfect spot to watch for birds that frequent the area. There is also the occasional squirrel or chipmunk to share your sandwiches with.

Avola, which is named after a town on the island of Sicily, was described by an early resident as a part of a valley that was
a “…never-ending sea of waving timber, waiting for the lumberjack…”.
Some of that timber was used to construct several of the community’s original buildings which can still be seen today with unusual Swedish designs and dovetail corners.

The community of Blue River is located approximately halfway between Vancouver and Edmonton, 230 km north of Kamloops, and 212 km south of Jasper. About
260 people call Blue River home.

Although the area depends largely on the Forest industry, tourism is what gives it international recognition.
The Mike Wiegele Helicopter Ski Resort, with its winter and summer activities, gives the town a modern character, but there is still a sense of traditional hometown values here.
Blue River is well known for it’s Mountain Bike Festival held in September. The Festival features events in Cross Country, Down Hill and Hill Climb events.
On Canada Day, July 1st, Blue River celebrates this special day in style. Starting with a parade through town, and finishing on the beach of Eleanor Lake.
There are events throughout the day ranging from canoe races, to bucket relays and sand castle building.

The festivities climax in the evening with a great BBQ, awards ceremony and a super large birthday cake for everyone to share. Mike Wiegele Helicopter Ski Resort .
This resort offers Heli everything, from skiing in the winter to hiking, biking and fishing during the summer.
Located at Eleanor Lake, the main resort features cozy log chalets, some with saunas and steam rooms.
Most of the buildings are heated and cooled by environmentally friendly geothermal systems.
There is a trail from the resort that circles the lake, ideal for an easy stroll. Across from the resort is the Don Forsythe Memorial Beach house and the Blue River Community Park.
The main lodge has a fabulous dining room, launch, games room and health centre.

Across from the lodge is the Sports Shop and Boutique. This resort combines modern amenities with easy access to back country adventure via the use of helicopters. Spending a vacation at this resort can easily be the best adventure holiday you ever had.

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